How to Increase Staff Morale Without Giving Everybody a Pay Rise.

It only takes a couple of cynical, moody team members to bring the morale of your office down. Take these little, cost effective steps to make your employees feel valued, important and inspired.

There are three things you should already be doing to boost morale:

1. Notice what your Employees do Well

Have you ever thought about how you impact the office morale? You have to be engaged enough with your employees to see how you affect them, and you have to conscious of your own levels of inspiration. If the boss isn't inspired, how can you expect the staff to be?

Be aware of the positive things your employees are doing and what is happening in your office. Have incentive schemes that require employee reporting so you literally have the positive data from staff efforts in front of you.

Draw from your own experience as an employee. Which boss did you like? Who didn't you like, and most importantly, why? Ask colleagues what they value in their bosses and find out what brings out the best (and the worst!) in staff. This exercise will remind you that small things, such as a pat on the back, can have a huge impact on office morale, and may also shock you into improving your management skills.

2. Listen to your Employees

Have you encouraged open communication? To reduce any resentment, the "us" versus "them" mentality must be diminished. Regular meetings, open channels and constant communication opportunities are small things an employer can do to make their staff feel heard. A great example is the "open door policy" which allows employees access to management at a time when they feel comfortable. This also allows you as an employer to find out what is really important to your staff and how you can use this information to increase office morale.

3. Show Appreciation

This could include constantly recognising good work and effort, showing an interest in and encouraging professional development. By increasing loyalty, you will increase morale and trigger positive emotions towards your office.

Make staff feel secure. Discuss the future of the organisation and embed a trust in management to show you are committed to having them on-board. Other options could include career development, staff training and mentoring programs to demonstrate your commitment to developing their skills base.

To reward particular high performers, think about other ways to improve their environment.

  • Is there an opportunity for them to have some time off?

  • Can you offer something that would make their work days easier? Eg a carpark or coffee machine?

  • Can you help them balance work/life commitments? Do you offer charitable support to causes that are close to your employee's hearts?

If you don't know what would make a difference to your employees, you have some research to do. Investing time and effort into employee morale will increase efficiency by making the most of what your employees have to offer. 

 Article By: Daryl Keeley - MACRO Recruitment

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